Kensington Memorial Day Parade

For 26th years, this parade has been going on in this wonderful part of San Diego. I've live in North Park for 16 years myself which is maybe five minutes away and I had barely heard of this parade. Monday is my usual day off so I thought I would find something Memorial Day related to shoot. Our current Mayor lives in Kensington so of course he would be sitting in the back of a convertible waving to the crowd as well as every other person running for office in the upcoming local elections. I rarely take pictures of children but there were some adorable kids riding on the floats. The only thing I still can't get use to is everyone bringing their dogs with them to a parade or public event. Nowadays everyone brings their dogs everywhere as if they are children. Just last week, there was a street dedication and someone brought their small dog who decided to bark EVERY time the crowd clapped. The sad thing about is that the person insisted on standing near the podium and made no effort to quiet the dog. It's so different sharing space with people and their pets than it is with 100 photographers.