Help-Portrait San Diego!

I thought twice about posting these images because this was something I wanted to do with thousands of photographers around the world. I have decided against posting images in order to respect the privacy of my subjects. I participated in a wonderful world wide project called Help-Portrait. Help-Portrait is about giving portraits to people who need some hope in their lives. I worked at the site located at a site called Solutions for Change. Solutions for Change is a transitional facility that helps families have a secure place while they rebuild their lives. These families have gone through some challenges and SFC gives them the opportunity to get a fresh start. I worked with Stuart Allman who proved to be a wiz at posing families. Stuart and I had more families than anyone with each family having 5 plus members easily. No problem for Stuart and our assistant Ryan who was actually a circus clown in his former life. Big help with the children. One of the subjects was deaf and Ryan happen to know sign language! Photographers around San Diego donated their time to take portraits of these families who may not otherwise be able to afford to have pictures taken. The families were very appreciated and so excited. I want to thank Paige Mills who is an up and coming makeup artist for volunteering her time. Paige came out and did the makeup solo after two other MUAs bailed at the last minute. I have my own challenges being unemployed and all but I am still grateful that I have a roof over my head and grateful that I don't have to stress out about having to take care of a family. I learned alot from working on this project. The families taught me alot about myself. I think I received as much as I gave and for that I am very grateful.


  1. I chose not to provide pictures because I want to respect the privacy of my subjects. It was a hard decision because I want to show everyone the end results but these families are having a challenging time right now so I think I should keep their identities private.

  2. just the fact that you did don't need to be seen. you are a great photographer so I know you made a lot of people happy with this project!


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