Bitter Sober at Anthology

After my softball games last Sunday, I went to "church" for bs and a beer. Emily was bartending and on the way out, asked me what I was doing on Monday evening. After saying nothing, Emily gave me a ticket to see her play bass with a band called Bitter Sober at Anthology. Emily suggested that I bring my cameras and since it was my day off, I saw the perfect opportunity to make some images. An added challenge is that I don't shoot concerts so I was really out of my comfort zone. Anthology is located in the historic Little Italy section of SD where one way streets are as abundant as Italian restaurants. I heard some great live (and local) music while sweating my way through Emily's set. Eight bands performed 20 minute sets and this place was packed. It was nice to see local music get some exposure and it was a nice way to start the week on an otherwise hated day. Bitter Sober was great and I love the way the patrons and employees came out to support Emily and the girls.