Outside The Doors of Comic-Con

I'm not the comicbook type and have always avoided downtown San Diego when Comic-Con was in town. I went out this morning and decided to make some images after seeing all the great images my fellow photographers made in the past three days. Not saying I can duplicate them because they are some of the best photographers in the county but going out today put me on day made me closer to becoming a better photographer because I got off my a$$ and made some pictures. I met up with Jerod as he was there shooting for Getty and we walked around. I got to see Jerod in action and he gave me some pointers about shooting from the hip. This was one of those times where I stepped out of my comfort zone to the unknown. One thing I love about "The Con" crowd is that they are not there to get rowdy beligerant, they are there to show off their handmade costumes and be amongst each other. Overall, I was very impressed with the behavior of the crowd. This convention has been going on for 41 years and I can see why other cities are trying to take it away from San Diego. They need to step back and recognize because Comic-Con is here to stay. At least til 2015.