A Spot of Tea?

I love when news is local. I went to the foot of G Street to Tuna Harbor to be exact. The TeaParty Express made a stop in San Diego. They brought singers and speakers with them and called out half the retired population of San Diego. It's funny how a majority of the rally supporters were from one sector of our population. The weather was off and on, light appearing and disappearing left and right. I have to be honest in that there were not many black folks out there. It's funny because there were two black press photographers(myself and another female), one black man who sang a song he wrote for the tea party(hehehe, ya gotta here the recording I have!) and another brother who was a "cheerleader" for the beginning of the rally. Apparently really conservative blacks are underrepresented. I have been uninspired to take pictures lately because of stress so it was nice to come home and notice that I made some pretty darn good images today.