Sit Back and Enjoy a Cigar

This is the first post of the last month of the year. I almost stayed home but decided to get up and meet a friend to help with this shoot. I'm always complaining about wanting to be a better photographer so I forced myself to get my stuff together and get out to the Excalibur Cigar & Wine Bar. Tom Kolasho owner and operator of this location talked with his clients, smoked a cigar and played cards while we set up for our shoot. When we were ready for Tom, he quickly lit his cigar and posed for pictures. This place is amazing. It's such a "man cave". Leather sofas and chairs everywhere. A nice butane lighter at every table and good beer on tap. I saw a couple of women in the lounge enjoying wine and cigars. This place is full of expensive cigars and the nicest people there you'll ever meet. I notice that Tom gets some celebrity cigar aficinados to visit the lounge such as heavyweight boxing champ James Toney and former San Diego Charger Lorenzo Neal. Steve who works behind the bar is adorable and was ready for his closeup at the end of the shoot. I can see why people love cigars. Everyone seemed as though they were having a good time and I think it shows in their pictures.


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