My how things have changed in the old "hood"

Today I went to mom's house because she told there was going to be a festival in front of her home. The entire street was to be blocked off and apparently she sat on the porch and listened to music last year as 08 marked the innaugural event. The neighborhood has changed because there were never festivals on the street when we were growing up there. I got chance to see the kids who lived next door because they too were visiting their parents. We've known each other for over 30 years and while we don't see each other much, it's like we never left home. The 2nd Annual San Diego Praise Fest kicked off today in the community of Webster. Gospel singers, choirs and groups, took to the stage for a day of gospel music. On hand were food vendors to satisfy the hungry crowd. Alot of BBQ, fried fish, onion rings and french fries.Information tables were set up to assist the community in health and nutrition. Ironic considering some of the worst food you can eat was being served up down home style! Love me some fried fish.