San Diego to Report the County's First H1N1 Related Death

The demographics of the patient have leaked out. It seems the patient went to Palomar Medical Center for her illnest and hours later died from the H1N1 flu. I read the comments portion in an article but didn't believe the leak because I didn't know if it was a reliable source. Turns out the it was a good source. This young lady had her whole life ahead of her at 20 years old. You want to be remembered for great things you did in your life and now this girl will be known as the 20 year old who was the first H1N1 flu death in San Diego County.
Bad news today. San Diego lost a resident to the H1N1 flu. I didn't think we would lose anyone but I guess it was coming. Since the outbreak of the H1N1 flue outbreak, a 20 year old female has been recorded the county's first death from the virus. WILMA WOOTEN, M.D.,M.P.H. San Diego Public Health Officer held a press conference to field questions related to the death of the San Diego resident. Citing confidentiality laws, Dr. Wooten would not release information regarding where the deceased lived or her nationality. I always thought our country was too advanced and had too many rules to have outbreaks like this flu. There was a time when diseases like TB, Small Pox and Polio ran rampant around the country, but not in this day and age.