Ray at Night

Okay. There is an event called Ray at Night where alot of the galleries and businesses on Ray St. (North Park) are opened from 6pm-9pm and display their art to the neighborhood. Usually I wait until the last hour to go because in the beginning of the evening it's pack due to everyone wanting to get there for the free wine and cheese that alot of the galleries put out. There is one store on the same street called The Rubber Rose and it is an adult toystore. I was working on some indoor shots and noticed a shelf that was darkly lit. I tend to shoot with available light only and I have been wanting to start using flash more than I usually do so I stopped to take some shots. The second image is a bit racy for a public blog that my mom reads but then again, this woman had three kids so she must know a thing or two about Kama Sutra *grin*.