MLK Community Choir of San Diego

It's the end of the week and I was looking for something to photograph. Never made it to Farmer's Market. I Don't know what my excuse is now because I stopped binge drinking so I'm no longer hung over on Sunday mornings. The Martin Luther Kin, Jr. Community Choir of San Diego held it's 11th Annual Educational Grants Awards Concert at Grace San Diego. Beautiful light in this room and this was the gym! No way was I using a flash. Yeah, I've been trying to force myself to use a flash better, but seeing as how I like ambient light and I was not letting this good light go to waste, that flash stayed off. Over the past 11 years, the choir has given out out over $100,000 in awards to students from all over San Diego. Some of the most talented kids around gave the audience a sample of their talents. From arts to drawing and from singing to flute playing, these kids had the goods. And they had GPA's of over 4.0! Since when can you get over a 4.0 GPA? Things have changed since I've been in high school. The MLK Community Choir is absolutely fabulous. They performed to audiences in Europe last year and they are going again today. Maybe they'll want a photographer to document their travels.