Congratulations to High Tech High International Class of 2009

She's not even my kid, but I love her so much. My niece graduated from high school this morning. We got chance to sit in the drizzling rain to see 100 seniors "leave the nest". There were only 100 kids so if you blink you'd miss someone. My graduating glass had 845 graduating seniors that day. My mom sat through three high school graduations to a tune of 3 hours each. This was an hour and a half barely. Things have changed. The kids looked so cute with their flower/money leas around their necks. This school is different in that the kids call the teachers by their first names. The immersion programs are the best as my niece and her classmates spent two weeks in Egypt. This school has 3 or so different schools within the school so there were several graduations held today. My niece will be starting SDSU in the summer and I told her in 4 years I'll be looking to attend another graduation. Not 5 years, 6 years or 10 years but 4 years!